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Beat is the UK’s eating disorder charity.

Beat’s vision is that eating disorders will be overcome.

Beat’s aims are:

  • To change the way everyone thinks and talks about eating disorders
  • To improve the way services and treatment are provided
  • And to help anyone believe that their eating disorder can be overcome

We do this by:

  • Challenging the stereotypes and stigma that people with eating disorders face
  • Campaigning for better services and treatment
  • Providing information, support and encouragement to seek treatment and recovery

We provide information and support through Helplines which people can call, text or email; online support including information, message boards and online support groups; and Helpfinder, an online directory of support services.

We also run specific projects. Our Emotional Overeating project includes support groups for people who binge eat, compulsively overeat, feel they have emotional eating issues and are overweight or obese or struggling with their weight. 

We provide expert Training and conferences, resources and consultancy to health and social care professionals and schools. 

We support and encourage research into eating disorders and challenge stereotypes and stigma, increase understanding and campaign for better services and access to treatment. 

Helping us to raise awareness are Young Ambassadors, young people aged 14-25 with personal experience of an eating disorder. Fully trained and supported by Beat they inspire others with the message that recovery is possible. 

Since 1989 we have been committed to supporting those affected by eating disorders and working towards our vision: eating disorders will be overcome.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Helpline 0300 123 3355
Youthline 0808 801 0711

Where to go

Beat (eating Disorders Association), Wensum House, 103
Prince Of Wales Road
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