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National Stalking Helpline

What can the National Stalking Helpline do?
The National Stalking Helpline provides guidance and information to anybody who is currently or has previously been affected by harassment or stalking.

The Helpline can provide guidance on:
The law in relation to stalking and harassment
Reporting stalking or harassment
Effective gathering of evidence
Ensuring your personal safety and that of your friends and family
Practical steps to reduce the risk

When should I contact the National Stalking Helpline?
Are you or someone you know being made to feel harassed or intimidated by the behaviour of another person?
Are you unsure what can be done about this person's behaviour?
Do you feel that you, your friend or family member are at risk of emotional or physical harm?

f you answered yes to any of these questions and require guidance or information, please call us on 0808 802 0300 or e-mail

Who to contact

Contact Name
National Stalking Helpline
0808 802 0300

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