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New Opportunity Groups


Promotes Creative Opportunities For Adults with a Disability


    Our group members have created exceptional Artwork which has been exhibited in a local art gallery. Future art exhibitions have been planned.

We work with a wide range of Materials including... Paint, Clay, Fabrics, Chalks and many more. Gaining simple, effective and creative skills through working together as part of a team. Our projects are fun and stimulating. Our art equipment is fully accessible.

We specialise in art as both sensory and creative             experiences.

Our group is run by a qualified Art Tutor who has years of experience working with Disabled Adults

Art is a great way to express your feelings and bring your ideas to life.

 Our very popular Pom Pom Dancing class is a fantastic way to have fun, meet friends,make new friends, enjoy dancing, singing and to exercise our bodies in an enjoyable atmosphere. We meet on a once weekly basis for 90 minutes. We also include some Sensory Tambourine dancing. Anyone with any Disability can join this group Men and Women of any age are welcome to join. This really is great way for wheelchair users to exercise. We encourage each member to create their own dance and which they will show the members and the members will follow. Two - Four members are asked if they would like to do this each week.

This really is a very stimulating activity and great fun.


The Singing / Choir group is a group that is full of potential we are enjoying a wide range of songs and peoples confidences are growing at a rapid speed, the aim of this activity is to learn how to sing for fun but to also form a choir. Learn how to use a microphone sing along to your favourite tunes and learn new songs. Anyone can join this group even if you feel your disability may affect the way you sing, we also sing along together using Makaton Signing. 


Come along to this exciting Drama Workshop, Learn how to express yourself through role play, work with other adults in a team environment, play games, sing and dance,makaton sign singing use different props, and create lots of acting scenes.

We rehearse for shows which we have received some great feedback for, we perform to an audience of up to 120 people

Anybody wanting to join will be made extremely welcome by all group members and will be made to feel a part of the workshop immediately. 


We are a community based Group which provides Activity groups / workshops for Adults aged 18+ with a Learning or Physical Disability


 Sensory and Creative Art, Sensory Music and Movement, A Music and Movement Workshop,     Pom Pom Dancing , A Drama Workshop, Singing / Choir Group, Activity Afternoon, and Short Break Holidays.

  Our aims are to provide challenging opportunities for our members to develop their skills and to enjoy leisure activities within their local community.

We actively promote links with the local community and encourage disability awareness. Members enjoy meeting their friends, making new friendships, learning new skills, building confidence and developing new relationships within the community.

We offer weekly groups over a period of five days  we DO NOT close for all the school holidays.

We have successfully offered supported employment for many years to people with a disability and are proud to offer many volunteering opportunities to people with a disability or a mental health need. Our experienced staff are able to offer support and advice to our members, their parents and carers and to our volunteers.

We are always happy to participate in events within the local Community.    

New Opportunities Groups is not funded by the Government or Local Authorities, if you would like to know more about us , make a donation or help with Fundraising then please contact me on the Phone Number or Email provided. 



 We offer the Musical Opportunity for you to join a friendly, lively musical group where you can express yourself through playing along to your favourite songs with the choice of a wide range of instruments, we also include some light exercise to music, Dancing, Singing and some Makaton Signing to songs. The Music group is a great way to meet up with friends, make new friends and become part of the local community. We also offer an impressive collection of sensory lighting and tactile equipment to aid relaxation and promote well being.

The Morning group is our very popular Sensory Session. The Afternoon group is our very popular Music Workshop.

Our activity afternoon is held on a Wednesday this group is recommended for socialising with each other and in the community. As a group we explore local attractions, some of the  activities include Bowling, Cooking, Drama, Bingo,Eating out, Arts and Crafts, visiting Farms, Woodland  areas and parks, Cinema, karaoke and lots more. This activity id very popular and great fun. We have seen some lovely friendships develop within this group.

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