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Friends of Cottons Park

The Friends of Cottons Park are a group of local residents who care about the welfare of the park. Formed in 2002 to find ways of improving and encouraging people back into Cottons. We are a constituted group with our own bank account, holding monthly meetings that are minuted. After we formed a partnership with Havering Parks and Open Spaces we were able to achieve major refurbishment on this once run-down area. Other partnerships have been formed with local organisations. The park has been transformed into a green, welcoming and vibrant park. With our partnerships we were successful in winning a �Green Flag� every year since 2009 in recognition that this park has reached a high national standard. An important criteria in the �Green Flag� judging is a strong community involvement with the park. OUR AIMS To keep Cottons Park tidy, maintained and popular To keep the park safe and welcoming for all To listen to what park users say (surveys taken and referred back to Havering Parks Office) HOW DO WE ACHIEVE OUR AIMS? By holding events in the park and working together with our partners (Fun days, Halloween Afternoon, Carol�s-in-the-Park WHO IS THIS FOR? All local residents (within walking distance)

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26, Knightsbridge Gardens
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