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Coopers & Company and Coborn School, Inter Faith Forum

We meet monthly, in the evenings, one Thursday per month. We have a panel of usually four representatives of faiths (regular input from Christian, Humanist, Jewish, and Muslim, speakers). All panellists speak for 10-15 minutes each, then dialogue between each other. We break afterwards for a vegetarian shared supper, provided by the school. We then reconvene, and members of the audience are invited to ask questions to the panel, and make comments. Typical questions debated are: to what extent to our faiths promote women? Should we encourage inter-faith marriages? (good one for Valentine's day) Do you have to be religious, to have a religious experience? There is ample time built into the evening for conversation. We meet at 7pm,, for tea/coffee before beginning formally at 7.15pm, and we end at 9.15pm. The atmosphere is one of a community of enquiry, where we are meeting together to share knowledge and seek the truth together.

Who to contact

01708 250500

Where to go

Coopers & Company and Coborn School
St Mary's Lane
RM14 3HS
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