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The Royal London Society for Blind People

No child in the UK should grow up to be poor or lonely just because they are blind

  • 90% of those who lose their sight in youth won’t work for more than six months in their lives
  • Most will never have someone to share their life with

The Royal London Society for Blind People believes in a better life for blind children.

We are on a mission to make sure every single blind child has the self-belief and skills to fulfil the potential we know they’ve got.

To achieve this goal we work in association with the Royal Society for Blind Children which has given us the right mix of expertise, services and geographic reach to bring about fundamental change to the life chances of blind children. And with a combined experience of over three centuries and the support of our wonderful donors and volunteers, we know we’ll get there.

In 2015 RSBC (formerly known as the Royal Blind Society) and RLSB supported over 1600 participants through our services. We have an annual turnover of around £3.7 million and employ 100 people.

2015 also saw us form Wayfindr, a social innovation organisation committed to improving independent travel for vision impaired people. Together with digital product studio ustwo, we set out to make London one of the most accessible cities in the world. Since then the potential of the system has literally gone global.

With RSBC by their side every single blind child can build the self-belief and skills to fulfil the potential we know they’ve got.

Make no mistake – helping blind children to believe they can achieve will take time and money. But we’ll do it from the ground up, working in association with our wonderful donors and volunteers to deliver the five things we believe will transform the life chances of every blind child in England and Wales.

Five ways to better

  1. Helping parents first
  2. Excellent and inclusive education
  3. Build friendships and character
  4. Getting young people job ready
  5. Harnessing technology

By 2020 we want to have helped 11,000 children and with 178 years of experience behind us and the support of our donors, we know we’ll get there.

Who to contact

Contact Name
020 3198 0225 : London office
01959 569 848 : Westerham office

Where to go

R L S B, 52-58
Arcola Street
E8 2DJ
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