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2sleep - sleep support for children with addtional needs

2sleep is a private sleep service run by Vanessa Moore - a sleep practitioner trained by NHS Solent in Southampton and the charity Scope. The service aims to provide practical help to support families who have a child with sleep issues and professionals working with families either through workshops and seminars or through one to one support. In particular 2sleep provide advice and support for families dealing with sleep issues in children with additional needs. In most cases there are simple strategies that can be put in place to help overcome sleep problems and make significant improvements and as a practitioner who has a child with additional needs Vanessa understands the impact that dealing with sleep problems can have on families.

Who to contact

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Vanessa Moore
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Sleep Practitioner
2sleep website

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Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£280 Individual sleep support package per session
£425 Sleep Seminar at client venue per session


Other notes

What do Sleep Practitioners do?  

Sleep Practitioners undertake specialised training on how children sleep and different kinds of sleep disorders. Using a behavioural perspective, they examine how children develop poor sleep patterns, how much of this is learned behaviour or environment.  

 As sleep practitioners 2sleep can:  

  • Help families to understand sleep issues that their children are experiencing
  • Identify and assess sleep issues through taking a detailed sleep history from families
  • Devise an individual sleep programme for the child that is carried out by the family
  • Support families in implementing sleep advice and strategies with mentoring
  • Provide advice on good sleep practices for children of all ages and needs through workshops and seminars

 Why is sleep an issue for families?

Both Sleep Practitioners Vanessa Moore and Carol Prideaux have children with additional needs so understand how difficult it can be for families who have a child with additional needs who has a sleep issue.  At some stage about 40% of children have a sleep problem considered to be significant by their parents but this figure can be much higher for children with additional needs because often there are specific sleep issues which are associated with different disorders and syndromes. When children experience sleep issues this impacts not only on them but also on other family members. Restriction of sleep can impair learning, mood, behaviour and health.

Reasons for sleep issues:

Generally poor sleep practice arises from families being given very little or no advice or support in implementing good sleep habits and this in turn means that they are often unable to teach their children good sleep habits such as how to sleep in their own beds or self soothe to prevent night waking.

Outside of lack of advice on good sleep practice there are many other reasons for sleep issues developing such as:

  •  Families may unwittingly disrupt a child’s sleep pattern by being overprotective or over-stimulating.
  •  There may be a physical basis for sleep problems e.g. Cerebral Palsy (turning, positioning, reflux), Eczema (itch/scratch cycle), Epilepsy (seizures) etc.
  •  Presentation of sleep in different syndromes or disorders e.g. Autism, Down’s Syndrome, ADHD
  •  Prolonged hospitalisation in infancy may disrupt the establishment of regular sleep.
  •  Medication may interfere with natural sleep cycles
  •  Constant overtiredness leading to hyperactivity
  •  There may be psychological factors such as nightmares or anxiety.
  •  There may be respiratory problems.

 How can 2sleep help?

2sleep can provide a sleep support through:

  • A core seminar covering good sleep practices
  • Bespoke seminars and training workshops
  • Drop-in sessions
  • Question and Answer sessions
  • Individual sleep intervention packages

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