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Draft Childcare Sufficiency Report 2018 – 19

Draft Childcare Sufficiency Report 2018 – 19

The draft Childcare Sufficiency Report 2018 – 19 sets out in detail the strategic action plan of how the Local Authority is ensuring the sufficiency of childcare in the borough. It also defines the key role it plays in shaping the childcare market by working with providers from the private, voluntary, independent and maintained sectors to continue to create a strong, sustainable and diverse childcare market that is responsive to parents’ needs.

The draft can be viewed or downloaded via the following link here

This consultation questionnaire refers to the 2018-19 draft report and the findings from our summer 2018 survey of parents’ regarding  their experiences of local childcare provision in the borough.  The survey is available via this link
Please take some time to answer the following questions as fully as you can. Your response will be dealt with anonymously. Feedback from this consultation will help inform the final version of the report, which we will publish at the end of the consultation period.

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