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North Romford Community Association

We are a Member's Club which is run by the Community Association Membership. The Association is open to any person of eighteen years or over who wishes to pay the membership for the year. Current yearly charges are: Family Membership £27, Single £15 and OAP £12. The Association is responsible for all costs incurred in the running of the Centre. This includes all heating & lighting, cleaning costs, staff salaries and wages and the cost of redecorating and refurbishing the building. The A.G.M. of the Association elects, from amongst its members each year, its officers, together with members of the Association Council. The Association Council is the policy making body of the Association and consists of the elected representatives, together with the Officers, and a representative from each Activity Section, and each Affiliated Organisation. The Executive Committee is elected from within the Association Council and, together with the Officers, is responsible to the Association Council for major expenditure of the Association. The Officers, The Association Council and the Executive Committee are elected members from the general membership of the Association and, together with the officers of the Activity Sections, those who serve in the canteen and anyone else who assists in the organisation of particular activities or functions are completely voluntary and pay their memberships fee as members of the Association in the same way as every other member. The Association is a self-help organisation and exists only as much as the members are prepared to make the effort to keep it in existence. That is what membership of a Community Association means. There is no 'them and us' in membership of a Community Association, it is all 'us'. Volunteers are always welcome to assist in the running and organisation of various events and functions, and to assist in the canteen on an occasional or regular basis, during the afternoon, or evenings, Monday to Saturdays. 

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