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Couple Connection "do it yourself" relationship support service was created by and is run by One Plus One, the UK's leading relationship research organisation. places One Plus One's wealth of research and practical experience directly into the hands of couples and parents, empowering you to work on your relationship for yourself. The site provides a wide range of articles, self-assessment tools, activities, quizzes and exercises and (soon to be launched) courses to help you to improve and strengthen your relationship.

Research shows that talking to others and sharing experiences can also be very empowering so an important part of the service is the forum and the X Listening Room. The forum is moderated by a team of counsellors with lots of experience of helping couples as they work things out in their relationship. They facilitate the forums providing guidance and additional help wherever needed. Once registered you can access your own completely anonymous private "space". Here you can set personal goals and access exercises and resources all designed to help tackle common relationship issues.

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