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Time to start afresh? Learning is the way…



These are very different days – who thought that 2020 would be the year of self-isolation, and all of the challenges to daily life that this brought to us all? But, whilst these times can bring difficulties, they can also give us space to think, and to reflect on what we might do next…


Havering Adult College stands ready to help support you. This might mean looking at your employability skills, and so help you back into work (or to possibly gain a better job), and you can find details of this on page 18. Perhaps what this strange time has shown us is the need for us to find ways of coming together to be creative, to develop our skills, or to improve our own sense of belonging and community. Learning can play such an important part in achieving these goals, and there are so many opportunities. You might want to finally learn that new language or maybe you’ve decided to improve your computer skills? We can certainly help with all these things and more.


Maybe you, or someone you know, needs to work on their English or their maths skills? Or you might want to express yourself artistically, or create digital music, or maybe you want to develop your awareness of Mental Health, either for work or personal growth?  There are so many choices you may find it hard to decide on one! The College is also offering a series of one-day courses in a range of subjects that will help you experience many different and exciting things to learn. We also offer payment options to make accessing learning as easy as possible – and in some cases, you might be eligible for reduced fees, or for a free course. Our friendly team will be able to answer any questions you might have about the options available to you and you should call them on 01708 434995, if you need more information.


Havering Adult College also has a strong reputation for delivering the following:




With a successful history of working with learners with a range of learning difficulties and disabilities, our team is dedicated to increasing the life chances of these learners, and help them work towards independence. Delivering nationally recognised qualifications, we are always delighted to welcome new people to the provision.


English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)


It’s never too late to work with our team of specialist teachers to develop all of the essential skills around English as a language, be it reading, writing, listening or speaking. We have courses at a range of levels to meet the needs of the communities we serve. Please call us on 01708 434955 for more information.


Still not sure?


Visit our website or download our prospectus and explore our courses for life and work, leisure and pleasure, family and wellbeing, and language and communication – find the courses that will help you become the best version of you, whilst benefitting from the added value of learning alongside other adults in an understanding and supportive environment.

Everyone at Havering Adult College looks forward to welcoming you into a class soon.


As I write this, we are still living in challenging times. We do hope to be able to bring you all of the courses published here, but please bear with us in case things have to change. Some of our courses will remain classroom-based whilst others may move to being blended between classroom-based and online learning, or become purely delivered online.  One thing is certain however, even in uncertain times – we can all still learn!



Prospectus Download:


Where to go:

Bower Park Centre, 472 Havering Rd, Romford RM1 4HR

Brittons Centre, Ford Ln, Rainham RM13 7BB

Education 4 Independence, the Walk, Hornchurch RM11 3TL

Opening Times:

Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

About Us

Opportunities are funny things – and so often we miss them. Then we regret missing them, because we feel that we can never get that time back. But there are such things as second chances, even a third chance. Actually, it’s never too late to seize opportunities that we might have felt have passed us by. You might be holding this prospectus now thinking ‘if only I could do…’ Well, guess what? At the moment – the only thing standing in your way is you! For over 50 years, Havering Adult College has been bringing a range of diverse opportunities to the residents of Havering (and beyond), and this year is no different.

 Our team of dedicated curriculum managers know how important it is to provide many learning opportunities that can stimulate your curiosity, expand your horizons or help you improve your life chances. You might be searching for a course to help with your job prospects – ranging from teaching assistants to sugar craft or floristry, or perhaps travel, tourism or maybe interior design, digital music production, photography, cookery or even film making. Perhaps you are looking for ways to develop your wider skills, such as learning a new language, exploring your creativity with a range of art courses, improving your computer skills, British Sign Language, or embracing new ideas, such as meditation and psychic development, or even uncovering many of the secret histories of London itself. Maybe you’re worried you’ve missed the chance to improve your English and maths? Not so – here at Havering Adult College those opportunities are waiting for you to embrace them, and all the opportunities that follow.


Mission Statement

Havering Adult College exists to provide high-quality learning opportunities for those living in and around the London Borough of Havering, to support them to reconnect with education.

Havering Adult College strives to use the financial resources available to identify and encourage those harder to reach learners into education or employment. In addition, the College is committed to the love of learning, and the promotion of new learning opportunities for all.

To achieve this, the College promises to:

• Offer a range of courses that will provide residents and other customers with the chance to develop the skills, confidence and knowledge to achieve qualifications and experience to enter work, and succeed as a valuable contributor to society and the economy.

• Offer a range of courses that will nurture and develop a wider set of skills that can empower residents and other customers to grow as individuals, keep their minds and bodies active, challenge preconceptions and support the ethos of lifelong learning.

• Listen to the needs of individuals and groups, such as employers, Children’s Centres, Job Centres and other council departments, and, where resources permit, provide responsive courses to fulfil their needs.

• Work with, and extend, the range of external partners used to increase the potential for participation in specialist areas of learning that the College would otherwise be unable to provide.

Havering Adult College values diversity and, as a leader in lifelong learning, will work to ensure there is equality of opportunity for all, whilst protecting our staff and learners from harm, and the risk of radicalisation, through our well-established procedures for safeguarding all.

The College acknowledges that learners join programmes for a number of reasons whether this is social and community, economic, as part of a cultural experience or to gain life skills. As such, the curriculum planning will embed equality and diversity throughout, whether this is through resources, direct delivery or the curriculum itself, ensuring it is fit for purpose and understanding that the ‘one size fits all’ approach is not appropriate in today’s changing communities.

The College’s Management Team will continuously monitor and evaluate the impact of practices ensuring that there are no gaps in achievement for any particular group of learners.

The College will actively look to widen participation in areas of the community who have not previously engaged with the provision by ensuring that we use mechanisms to determine learner demand and whether any barriers exist in accessing these courses. If barriers do exist, then we will aim to remove or reduce these as quickly as possible.

Equality and Diversity Action Plan Outcomes 2020 – 2023

Whilst at all times we are ensuring that anyone who wants to access our provision has the ability to do so, gaps in participation and attainment have been analysed, and as such the following action points have been identified as our priority:

• To increase the take up of support by male learners

• To ensure that all staff have an awareness and suitable knowledge to assist those with mental health issues

• To ensure the College’s population reflects the ever-changing diverse nature of the wider community. This is to be achieved by engaging with a range of stakeholders who will aid us in ensuring the curriculum reflects the needs and interests for maximum participation.

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Havering Adult College
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472 Havering Road

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