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Performance Licences for Schoolchildren

Any child taking part in a performance, which can include TV or filming, theatre, sporting activity or modelling, needs a performance licence.?

This will not be issued without a school's permission. A licence is needed for each individual performance.

A licence is required:
If the child receives payment for the performance. If the performance involves absence from school, even if the assignment is unpaid.
A licence is not required:
If the performance is unpaid and no school absence is needed and the performance lasts for four days or less and the child has not performed within the previous six months.
Please note current legislation for Child Performance Licence Applications requires 21 days� notice, however, the Child Employment Officer will issue a licence within the following time providing he/she has the following:
At least 5 working days notice (this does not include weekends or bank holidays). A complete application (Part 1, Part 2, Declaration, Chaperone information, a copy of the child's birth certificate, GP letter and/or parental letter, a school letter and one passport sized photo). Notification alone will not constitute an application within the deadline. The applicant�s full contact details (including address, telephone number and email address). It should be noted that chasing up of incomplete or missing paperwork is the responsibility of the Applicant/Agent and needs to be completed within the deadlines described above. Applications received late or incomplete will be returned.

Child Employment

The employment of children is governed by national legislation, which lays down the hours that may be worked, and local byelaws, which set out the types of work that can and cannot be done.
More information can be found under the Child Employment page.

When children are engaged in the performance industry we have a statutory duty to protect them and to ensure that it is an enjoyable experience. There is also a duty to ensure that neither their health nor education suffers as a result of their performance. Chaperones, either those working professionally or in voluntary capacity, support us in carrying out this duty.

Who can act as a chaperone?

Anyone wishing to act in the capacity of a chaperone, other than the child's parent, will require a licence. All chaperones must be licensed by the local authority in which they live and should be able to produce their licence if required to do so whenever they are working.

Chaperone's responsibilities
Although the production company will be responsible for ensuring facilities meet the legal requirement for children, it is important to remember that the chaperone's overall responsibility is to the welfare of the child, and not to the director/producer.
A chaperone is expected to exercise the care a good parent might be reasonably expected to give, except while they are in charge of an approved tutor, children must be under the supervision of the chaperone all the time they are at the place of performance.
To ensure that a

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