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The Mix

The Mix is a free, confidential helpline for young people who need help but don't know where to find it, they offer help on a host of problems a young person may face. They can contact the advisors by phone, text, email and webchat and they have just launched a new WebHelp 24/7 service so young people can find the right source of help when they need it, day or night. There is even an option for the young person to hide their visit to the website. Trained helpline workers will listen to whatever's bothering the young person and ask some questions about the situation. They don't have to say anything they are not comfortable about and they be won't rushed.

Once the advisor has helped to establish what it is that's worrying the young person and what kind of help they might find useful, the helpline worker will suggest services that might be appropriate and either provide a free connection to that service, or provide the details for them so they can contact them in their own time. If you're worried about a young person, you can contact them on their behalf, or pass on their contact details so they can get in touch.

Who to contact

Contact Name
The Mix
0808 808 4994

Where to go

PO Box 7777
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