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Coram Children's Legal Centre

Coram Children’s Legal Centre, part of the Coram group of charities, promotes and protects the rights of children in the UK and internationally in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Experts in all areas of children’s rights, immigration, child protection, education and juvenile justice, we:

CCLC provides free legal information, advice and representation to children, young people, their families, carers and professionals, as well as international consultancy on child law and children’s rights.

Our values

  • Respect. All children deserve respect as legally autonomous beings with equal human rights.
  • Equality. All children are equal regardless of gender, race, nationality, disability, culture or religion.
  • Access to justice. All children have a right to legal information, advice, representation and support.

Our aims and objectives

  • To promote and uphold children’s human rights within the context of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the European Convention on Human Rights in the UK and internationally.
  • To monitor and develop law, policy and practice concerning children and young people, to inform and influence policy makers and the general public.
  • To improve access to justice through legal advice, information and representation for children, young people and adults working on their behalf.
  • To publish a range of legal guides and information on child law, policy and practice.
  • To research the field of child law to assist policy reform and the application of law relating to children.
  • To provide technical expertise and training programmes to states, inter-governmental organisations, non-governmental organisations and United Nations agencies.

Launched in 1981 as The Children’s Legal Centre, the charity amalgamated with Coram on the 1 September 2011. CCLC is a member of the Coram group of charities, benefiting from shared expertise and infrastructure, and working towards a common goal of improved chances for all vulnerable children.

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Coram Children's legal centre
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