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The Parent Connection – is the companion service to relationship support service.

The service has been created by OnePlusOne the UK’s leading relationship research organisation and family mediators to help parents who are either going through separation or who are struggling with issues associated with parenting after parting.

Building on the success of in providing an anonymous, online, do it yourself relationship support service OnePlusOne recognised the need for a similar site but for separating parents. has a really wide range of articles, exercises, quizzes, films clips and soon to be launched courses. Some of which are based on the materials and skills used in face to face mediation sessions, but adapted so they can be used directly by parents themselves.

There is also a forum where you can share experiences with other separated or separating parents. The forum is moderated by trained mediators so provides a safe space in which you can talk to others who may have been through similar issues.

Everything on the site aims to help parents gain a deeper understanding of how children are affected by separation and tackle some of the difficult issues. It should also help you establish a new ‘parenting’ rather than ‘couple’ relationship with each other.

By keeping your children’s needs in mind, and learning more about the barriers that get in the way you can learn new ways of communicating and parenting that help move things forward rather than getting stuck.

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