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The information below provides a summary of school admission processes.  For further information and advice including admissions criteria, statistics, and maps of Havering schools, please go to the school admissions page Starting an Infant or Primary school for the first time (Reception) Children start statutory…

Getting Organised

In this section, there are 7 topics to help you on your way to being organised and ready to start Secondary school. 

Getting ready to go back to Primary school

We have compiled a booklet which we hope will be helpful for you and your child when returning to Primary School. The booklet is filled with useful information and tips to enable a smooth return for your child. You can print the book or save…

Holiday and Activity Food (HAF) Programme Christmas 2021

We are excited to say that we are running the HAF scheme providing 4 hour sessions during the Christmas School holidays in Havering, with a registered childcare provider, for eligible school children from reception (age 4) to year 11 (age 16). You MUST be eligible…

Information for Parents

This section will cover useful information for parents/carers. We would like you to work together as a family as the information is also useful for your child. You will find information on how to prepare your child for secondary school, how to support at home…

Moving on to Secondary School

We have compiled a booklet and a social story, which will help with your move into Secondary School. You will see below, this booklet has been divided into 3 categories. Please take a look at all three sections as we hope you will find some…

My Emotional Wellbeing

This section will help with your emotions, feelings and thoughts. It will help you to talk about your feelings and hopefully help to answer any worries or concerns you may have about moving on to your Secondary School. 

My new Secondary School Social Story

We have put together a Social Story to help the transition process to Secondary School Click here to see the online book my_new_secondary_school_-social_story_1 (1)

Safety for all.... After School

You might be thinking about using a tutor or out of school setting for a child or children you care for. This could be: for help with their homework or to improve their grades to learn a musical instrument to take part in other out…

Student mental health

Mental health problems are as common among students as they are in the general population. But it's not just students who have a diagnosed mental health condition that can benefit from counselling. Alan Percy, head of counselling at the University of Oxford, says: "A lot of difficulties are not…
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