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Teacher for the Visually Impaired

The Visual Impairment service provides for children and young people with medical diagnoses of visual impairment.  As well as those with SS or SSI Registrations and children with no diagnosis but who have deteriorating eye conditions which cannot be corrected with glasses.  The qualified Teacher…


TRAVEL UPDATE June 2022 Although the deadline date for the travel assistance application was Friday 27 May 2022, we are still accepting in-year applications, which can be submitted anytime during the year.  Please note that applications submitted very late may cause a delay to the…

Vision Impairment Support

We have put together some useful information for children and young people with Vision Impairment.

What to do if your child has Special Educational Needs?

Please see the section below for more information Contact the SENCo at your child’s school What to expect from the school Additional support for schools Educational Health and Care Plans
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