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Young People's Local Offer - Leisure

Leisure is the time we spend doing the things we enjoy. It includes a wide range of different activities, from getting involved with a sports team and visiting an art gallery to reading a book. Leisure is valuable because it gives us time to spend time with our friends and family, to try new things and to take on new challenges.

Relax and Have fun
Take part in exciting activities that interest you
Develop feelings of independence and get more confidence
Achieve personal goals and learn new skills
Enable children and young people with disabilities and additional needs to join in with safe, entertaining and interesting activities

If you any other suggestions for places to go and things to do, please contact us through the ‘Give us your Feedback’ button on this website

The London Borough of Havering is not endorsing these examples and stresses that there are a range of other activities and services that may be of equal or greater benefit. You are also reminded of the disclaimer of this website.


Local Offer Disclaimer


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