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Leaving Care Local Offer

It is a big step in any young person’s life to reach the age when you start moving towards independence. This may include living on your own or in a shared home, starting a new job, starting university or a college course, managing your own finances, shopping for yourself and making health appointments. All of these are big steps to take and we want to make sure you feel safe, supported and know where to go for advice, help and information  

If you have been in care for 13 weeks or more since your 14th birthday, or after your 16th birthday, you are entitled to leaving care services. This includes;

  • A Young Persons Advisor or Pathway Coordinator to work with you (from the age of 16 if you are entitled to services at this age)
  • A Pathway Plan that includes your views and is regularly reviewed
  • Financial support (this will be different depending on your situation) and help you work towards financial independence
  • Support with gaining education, employment or training opportunities
  • Keeping in touch with you, and visiting you regularly, if this is what you want

You can find out more about what your status is and what support you are entitled on the Coram Voice Website

Leaving Care Local Offer February 2023


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