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EPEC On-line

Havering Empowering Parents Empowering Communities (EPEC) Hub and the National Empowering Parents Empowering Communities (EPEC) Team are supporting families with online resources at this time. Different levels of support will be available for parents to access.

Level 1

This is the use of social media to regularly feed ‘nuggets’ of EPEC strategies/ information to parents. The National EPEC Team’s aim is ‘to reach as many parents in the UK as possible with positive, trusted, straightforward and realistic EPEC advice and support, particularly for families who are suffering even more stress at the moment.’ Information will be provided on these platforms:


  • The Centre for Parent and Child Support CPCS Facebook page:




Parents might like to take part in the Havering EPEC challenge which involves taking a photo of an activity they have done with their children, sending it to the EPEC email with a brief description of what it was. With consent, this photo will then be uploaded to the page so that other parents can ‘magpie’ this idea (inspired by Miss B’s Activity corner).

Level 2:


Each session from the 8 week Being a Parent course is being released on a weekly basis as a short 5-10 minute video; delivering the content in a compact and interactive way. There are also videos with content from another EPEC course, the Baby and Us programme.




Following the short YouTube videos, the National EPEC Team aim to record Podcasts which will go into more depth about specific strategies.


If you have any questions please let the EPEC Hub Co. know; finally, the Havering EPEC Hub are still taking referrals and adding parents to the interest lists. Contact if you wish to attend one of the courses.

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