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Transitions, plans and assessments

Preparation for adulthood is also known as transition. This is the time it takes to make a change from one place, or stage of life, to the next – from childhood to adulthood.  For young people, this time often involves changes to some of the important people and places in their lives. 

Transition assessments

All local authorities have a duty under the Care Act 2014 to carry out a transition assessment on young people, carers of young people and young carers where they are likely to need care and support after the child turns 18 and an assessment would be of benefit to them.

Who can have an assessment?

You have a right to a transition assessment if you are:

a young person, under the age of 18, with care and support needs who is approaching transition to adulthood

  • are a young person, under the age of 18, with care and support needs who is approaching transition to adulthood
  • are a young carer, under the age of 18, who is preparing for adulthood
  • are an adult carer of a young person who is preparing for adulthood
  • have an education, health and care plan
  • are known to the children and adults with disabilities team

If you meet the above criteria, the assessment process should start when the young person is between Year 9 and 11.

 A young person or carer can request a transition assessment at any time prior their 18th birthday, whether or not they have an education, health and care plan

The assessment will look at: 

  • your current care and support needs and how these impact on your wellbeing
  • whether the young person or carer is likely to have care and support needs after the young person turns 18
  • if so, what those needs are likely to be, and which are likely to be eligible needs
  • what the young person or carer wishes to achieve in day-to-day life and how care and support can contribute to meeting them

 If you do not meet the criteria for support once an assessment has been done you will receive information and advice on next steps

Transition plans

After a transition assessment, you may have a transition plan put in place. The transition plan will consider the medical, health, psychological, legal, educational, vocational and social needs of the young person. It will include clear short and medium term outcomes and an indicative personal budget for adult care and support.

 As part of the transition plan: 

  • your needs are identified in a support plan setting out how these needs will be met and the options available
  • a presentation to the Adult Social Care resource panel takes place to agree the funding
  • if agreed, the support plan is put in place, involving the young person and their family in determining next steps
  • a Carers Assessment may be undertaken, where appropriate
  • where there are health needs involved, liaison with health colleagues will take place

How to get an assessment

How to get an assessment 

If the young person is approaching adulthood, you should be offered an assessment by the local authority. 

If you meet the criteria for a transition plan and would like to request an assessment contact the Preparing for adulthood team on 01708 432 488 or email


Why might I not get an assessment?

Havering Council may decide not to carry out an assessment where it is likely that the young person or carer will not need care and support after they turn 18.

If this is the case, written reasons will be provided and information and advice on what can be done to prevent or delay the need for support and care will be given

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