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Age 0 - 5

From the first smile and first step to experiencing a whole range of emotions, your child is passing many important childhood milestones.

This is a time of growth and learning and an ideal time to start supporting your child’s mental well-being.

What is Infant Mental Health

Children's Centre Offer

Children’s centres in Havering are FREE to all families with a child aged under five who live in the borough. If you are expecting a baby or have children aged 0-5 years, your local Children’s Centre is able to provide support, advice and access to services and activities delivered as part of the Children’s Centres activity programme.    


Services to provide support for emotional wellbeing include:

  • Baby massage
  • Baby Stay & Play
  • Stay, Play & Rhyme
  • Infant Feeding Café
  • Butterflies 
  • Being Dad
  • Baby Group


More information can be found at:

CAD 0-5 Support Team (Children and Adults with Disabilities)

The 0-5 Support Team is a multi-disciplinary team consisting of Family Workers, Specialist Key Workers, Children with Disabilities Area Co-ordinators, Social Worker and Educational Psychologist.


 The team provides a range of support for children 0-5 years with special educational needs and disability through advice and support either within the home environment and/or Early Years Setting/School.


For more information can be found at:

Myplace Harold Hill

MyPlace is a Youth and Community Centre in Harold Hill.

We serve the community by providing a welcoming space for residents to visit for educational, health, cultural and social activities.

The building boasts an impressive performance hall, music room, games room, art room, youth lounge, health room, counselling room, large meeting room and Playdays Nursery.


Unicef - How to prepare your child for a lifetime of positive mental health: 0–5 years - How to prepare your child for a lifetime of positive mental health: 0–5 years | UNICEF Parenting


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