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How we are doing with EHCPs

From a survey we carried out in 2016 we received an overall positive response from parents, carers and practitioners. The responses from young people were too few to summarise.

Both parents and practitioners reported on improved outcomes for children and young people due to the new ways of working in developing education, health and care plans.

Parent’s responses

Parents’ responses were generally positive about their views being fully taken into account and the quality of support their child had received. Parents’ provided clear feedback on areas where Havering could improve the process or delivery of education, health and care plans.

Practitioner responses

Practitioners felt that education, health and care plans had improved their partnership with parents, the involvement of children and young people and had improved outcomes.

Areas for improvement

Our key areas for further development are:

  • personal budgets – they are confusing to parents and they are not sure how much it is worth, who holds it or how they can spend it
  • preparing young people for the future and transition
  • supporting young people with special education needs and disabilities to just ‘hang out’ with friends, rather than always participating in a structured activity
  • addressing the difficulties for professionals regarding the tight turnaround of information and reports in order to contribute to education, health and care plans

The July 2017 survey practitioner results report can be downloaded in the ‘download’s’ section.

Sufficient responses were not received from parents, children or young people to produce a full report.

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For more information about the POET, please contact Emma Ferry via telephone on 07932 660092 or via email at Or you can visit the In Control website for more information.

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