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Finding Somewhere to Live

There are lots of different housing options available for a young person or adult with special educational needs and disabilities. You can have help in your own home, live in someone else's home or get help to live on your own or with friends.

Council Housing

This is housing owned by the local authority or a housing association that you can live in.

Who is eligible?

You cannot apply for council housing if you:

  • are entitled to access to assistance from public funds due to your immigration status
  • have not lived in the London Borough of Havering for six continuous years
  • you have a high level of household savings or assets of £36,000 and over or you own your own home
  • you or a member of your household has been involved in unacceptable behaviour, serious enough to make you an unsuitable tenant of the Council or other housing provider
  • you have not demonstrated that you have a housing need

 How to apply

Apply to join the housing register.

Private Renting

This means renting a place to live from someone who owns a property. You might rent from:

  • a person or family who owns one or more properties
  • a company that owns lots of properties
  • a charity or group who just rent properties to disabled people

How to find a privately rented property

Private landlords will usually advertise their properties:

  • at a letting agency or an estate agent
  • on an advert in the local newspaper
  • on a sign outside the property
  • on the internet
  • on a shop noticeboard

Shared Lives

Shared Lives means you live in a family home with a trained carer who supports you with your needs. You can live with the carer on a long-term basis or for a shorter time as respite for your family.

Who is eligible?

You can access the scheme if you are aged 16+ living in Havering and:

  • have a physical disability
  • have a sensory disability
  • have a learning disability
  • have mental health support needs
  • are finding it more difficult to manage as you get older
  • are leaving care / transitioning through care

How to access

To will need to have an assessment for Shared Lives through your social worker. to find out more about living with a Shared Lives carers call the scheme on 0208 519 9536 or email at

 See more about shared lives on this link

Semi-Independent Housing

Semi-independent housing is for young people leaving care to help them move from care into living independently. It is designed for young people aged 15-21 with eligible needs.

How to access

For more information and to access semi-independent housing contact the leaving care team by emailing or calling 01708 431059.


Affordable Home Ownership Schemes

You may be able to get financial help from the government to buy a home.

You could get:

Scheme for disabled people

Scheme for disabled people

You can apply for a scheme called home ownership for people with a long-term disability (HOLD) if other Help to Buy scheme properties don’t meet your needs. For example, you need a ground-floor property.

With this scheme you can buy up to 25% of your home.

If you’re disabled, you can also apply for the general shared ownership scheme and own up to 75% of your home.

How to apply

To buy a home through a shared ownership scheme, contact your local Help to Buy agent in the area where you want to live.


Personal assistants

A personal assistant is someone that can be employed to help you if you need social care and / or healthcare support, either because of a disability or condition a young person has.

What can they support with?

Personal assistants can help carry out a range of tasks to support you, including:

  • personal care, such as helping you to get washed and dressed
  • preparing meals
  • finding and going to leisure and recreation activities
  • socialising and helping you to get involved in your community
  • supporting you at your place of work
  • shopping services
  • cleaning and housework
  • health-related tasks

Who is eligible?

To get a personal assistant, you will need to be under the age of 18 with eligible support needs.

How to arrange

For more information about getting a personal assistant for children and young people, please contact Havering’s PA coordinator by emailing or calling 01708 433801 between 7am and 3pm, Monday to Friday.

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