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Preparing for Adulthood Team

The Preparing for Adulthood Team is part of the Children and Adults with Disabilities Service (known as CAD). We are made up of children’s and adult’s social workers.

What we do


  • ensure every young person with special educational needs and disabilities, moving from Children’s into Adult Services, receives services and support according to need and eligibility, taking into account the impact of his/her needs on wellbeing and on the wellbeing of parents and/ or carers
  • identify a young person’s need for services at an early stage
  • ensure young people and their families are well supported, informed and fully involved in the transition process to ensure they make their own choices
  • make sure the transition process is coordinated, systematic and consistent with close partnership working between all professionals and agencies
  • work with schools and colleges to ensure their support is aligned with what is provided by the Council and that a consistent approach to preparing for adulthood is delivered during all key stages
  • work with commissioners to provide effective post-16 services and opportunities, based on early identification of likely need for support
  • provide information about how to prepare a young person for the transition into adulthood to professionals and parents

Support for young people

We ensure that young people:

  • have access to services
  • make decisions and take the lead or are supported by people that can advocate for them
  • are supported so they can plan for what they want to achieve
  • are able to access the same opportunities as other young people
  • experience a service that is a timely, seamless and ensures they remain safe as they move into adulthood
  • can try things out beforehand
  • can change their mind

Support for parents and carers

We ensure that parents and carers:

  • are listened to and fully involved
  • feel supported
  • receive consistent messages
  • have a single point of contact
  • have easy access to understandable information which is provided in a timely manner
  • see agencies working together and pursuing agreed plans, remaining flexible to accommodate change
  • are well supported during and beyond the transition process and at all stages leading up to the young person turning 18
  • are offered a carers assessment and their rights are explained by both Children’s and Adults’ Services
  • are supported to prepare themselves for their child’s transition, including setting up bank accounts
  • receive timely advice: 
    • in understanding the benefits system when someone turns 18
    • about the financial assessment when adult services provide a service
    • about where to find independent advice and advocacy



Contact us

Contact the Preparing for Adulthood team on or by calling 01708 432488.

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