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Qualified Teacher for Multi Sensory Impairment (MSI)

We provide support and advice for children and young people with a dual sensory impairment. Children who have both hearing and visual impairments may be referred to as Deafblind. These children may have additional disabilities and needs. We work closely with hearing impairment (HI) and visual impairment (VI) Specialist Teachers.

 We offer:

  • Home Visits - advice and support to families in order to best develop language, communication, listening, and visual skills. We monitor the progress of the multi-sensory impaired child. We provide strategies and support to establish consistent use of hearing aids, cochlear implants, and glasses
  • School Visits (mainstream or special) - advice, strategies, and recommendations to support curriculum access. We check hearing equipment and provide advice on maintenance and care. We liaise with SENDCos and Inclusion Managers and write reports as necessary
  • Multi-Sensory Impairment Awareness Training - training to develop knowledge and understanding of multi-sensory impairment, hearing technologies and strategies to access the curriculum
  • Transitional Support - advice at key transition times
  • Radio Aids - assessments for suitability and advice on the system to best meet the needs of the individual
  • Collaborative Working - strong links with the Specialist Speech and Language Therapist for HI children, Cochlear Implant Teams, the local Audiology and Ophthalmology Services. We work alongside other Agencies and Services as appropriate

Fair Access - NatSIP Eligibility Criteria to guide support allocation for hearing impaired children and young people

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