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What services do contraception clinics offer?

Contraception clinics offer free and confidential advice and information about contraception and sexual health.

You can get details of your nearest contraception clinic (sometimes called family planning clinic) using the sexual health services near you postcode search. Most types of contraception are free through the NHS.

You can also find details from the phone book, your GP, local hospital, or from the FPA website.

Contraception clinics can be used by women, men and young people, including those who are under 16. In most areas, the NHS also has specific services for young people. Call the national sexual health line on 0300 123 7123 for more information.

You can go directly to a contraception clinic yourself (this is sometimes called "referring yourself", or "self-referral"), or you can be referred by your GP or another healthcare worker.

However, you may need to book an appointment to see a healthcare professional at a contraception clinic. You can ring the clinic first to find out. Many contraception clinics also have walk-in clinics, where you can turn up on the day and wait for an appointment.

Healthcare services provided by contraception clinics

Contraception clinics offer a range of services and can provide:

Some contraception clinics may also offer specialist services, including:

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