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Eating, teeth, toileting and home safety workshops

Home safety workshop:

This is a 45-minute workshop full of information and tips on keeping babies and children safe in the home and when out and about. In this session, the Early Years practitioners will guide you through top tips for child safety, including burns, poisoning, falls, choking and safer sleeping and more.

Toileting workshop: 

This is a 45 minute workshop designed to support families through their child’s potty training journey. Through this session, Early Years Practitioner’s will provide information and guidance with: recognising and understanding the signs that your child may be ready to start potty training, when/ how to start, building a toileting routine, potty training on the go, plus many other useful factors and tips. Suitable for ages 18 months to 3 years.

Oral Health Workshop:

Virtual Oral Health Workshop for parents with children aged 0-5 years led by a Dental Nurse. The workshop will cover a number of areas to promote good oral health including tooth brushing, preventing tooth decay and infection, diet and dental visits.  

Fussy eaters workshop:

Meal times are a common source of stress for parents. When a child refuses food or demands alternative meals, parents may become frustrated or concerned that their child is not eating enough. We will provide tips designed to help you manage meal times and to develop good eating behaviours. We focus on attention on equipping parents with healthy weaning and food choices knowledge to give children the best start in life. Mealtimes should be all about sharing, laughter, fun and love!

Starting Solid Food Workshop:

An interactive workshop to provide information to help with understanding when and how to introduce solid foods to your baby. The Starting Solid Food Workshop which is currently being delivered virtually is aimed at parents with babies aged between 4 & 6 months. The workshop helps parents decide on a number of key questions, including; When is a baby ready to try solid food? What foods should they start with? When is a baby hungry and when have they had enough? How can you make meal times an enjoyable experience for both parent & baby?

The 1 ½ hr workshops are being run by the early years practitioners and are delivered virtually via Zoom every WEDNESDAY from 10am-11.30am. Parents are given useful web links where they can download resources including Start4Life’s‘Introducing solid foods’ which you can find here and First Steps Nutrition’s ‘Eating well: the first year’ which you can find here

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