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Parent advisory group (PAG)

It is essential to us that parents and carers have their voice heard when it comes to the children’s centre services available. We know that families lives and needs change and we want to ensure that our centres continue to meet the needs and expectations of families. Each of our centres has a Parents Advisory Group. This is a group for interested parents and carers who meet bi-monthly and give their views on the services offered from their centre. The feedback from these groups are fed to senior managers in the council and to our Early Help Community Advisory Group. The Advisory Board is made up of local community organisations - they are responsible for ensuring that our children’s centres deliver services appropriate for the community.

If you would like to join the Parents Advisory Group and take an active role in ensuring that children and families access good quality, appropriate services - please see the dates in the attached leaflet and poster.

In a recent parent survey, we asked “What could we on in regard to our current programme?”

You Said – “Have groups at different times of the day e.g. more afternoons please”

We Did – Reflected this in our new programme to include more groups in the afternoon

You Said- “Ensure services are well advertised to new parents and maybe something specific for dads?”

We Did- Introduce more groups for dad’s, Becoming dad, Being Dad and soon to re-start Dad’s Club. We have also linked in with the community midwifes to ensure all expectant parents are made aware of the support available from children’s centres and how to access this.