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Immigration and Seeking Asylum

Seeking asylum or trying to get immigration status to remain in the UK for another reason can be very difficult and stressful this is something that we recognise and want to support you with whatever the reason you came to the UK for.

Planning your support

It is important to remember that not everyone who applies to remain in the UK is successful and this is something which should be reflected in your pathway plan, your worker will talk with you about how we will support you depending on how your immigration status might turn out this is called “triple planning” the three parts of triple planning include,

  1. Planning for all outcomes, this is when we are still uncertain about what will happen with your application and we will think about what we will do to support you if you are granted leave to remain, if you are refused and need to appeal but also if you become appeal rights exhausted (ARE).
  2. If you have been granted status in the UK planning will focus on your future here in the UK, this will include thinking about your goals and how we can help you make them a reality as part of this it is important to think about not just your rights but your responsibilities as someone who will be living in the UK this will include things like thinking about the responsibility of holding your own tenancy.
  3. Planning for return, in the event that you become appeal rights exhausted planning will involve talking with you about accessing support to make a return to your home country and about the risks of staying in the UK without immigration status.

When we might change support or end it

Under some circumstances we may need to reduce or end our support of you of we will explain why we are doing this and encourage you to seek support from other sources this can happen for a number of reasons including if you have not been in the local authorities care long enough before you turn 18 also if you become Appeal Rights Exhausted (ARE) or if you come under what is called schedule 3 restrictions which means that we need to stop supporting you financially with things like a weekly allowance or accommodation, sometimes we can continue to support you with advice and guidance even after financial support ends this is something we will talk with you about if it happens. It is important that you think about this as not everyone is successful in getting leave to remain in the UK

If you need to leave the UK

If you need to leave the UK because you have become Appeal Rights Exhausted (ARE) we can help make a referral to the Home Office to receive support from them to help you return to your home country this support can sometimes include receiving £2000 to help you when you return to find somewhere to live or even to start your own business. We would encourage you to access this support though we know that sometimes people in this situation may choose to remain in the UK with the help of friends or members of the community that they have gotten to know, this can be a very risky thing to do and there are a lot of things you will need to consider if it is something you want to do including the risk that you might be arrested and deported.


Once you have Leave to Remain

If you are successful in getting leave to remain in the UK then in time we will work with you to move to living independently eventually into your own tenancy this will not happen straight away as you need to demonstrate you are ready to live independently this will include making sure that you are budgeting and that you are applying for benefits such as universal credit and housing benefit, there is an expectation that if you are eligible to receive these benefits or you are working then you should be making a contribution towards the cost of where you are living doing this also helps evidence that you are ready to move on to living more independently. Depending on what kind of Leave you receive you will want to start thinking about your long term options about the possibility of getting Indefinite Leave to Remain or becoming a Naturalised British citizen, Make a point to discuss this with your worker so that it can be included in your pathway plan.

Other sources of support and useful information

If you would like to try and connect with members of your family that you have lost contact with there are services that can help you. Including the Red Cross information can be found here

The Refugee Council are able to offer a range of advice and have many projects that you might want to get involved with

Right to Remain are a charity that maintain a “toolkit” that can help you better understand the immigration process

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