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Meet the team

We have put together a who's who in the Team to give you a face to the name and a little bit about what they do and their specialist areas.

Tendai Dooley Head of Service


 Hi….my name is Tendai. I have bene working in Havering since 2017. 

I have dual qualification in Nursing and Social Work. I have worked in both nursing and social work since 1995. I have extensive experience across all service areas within Children’s Service.

I have been a senior manager for over 10 years covering work within long-term social work teams, court work, looked after children and now Care Resources, which covers Leaving Care. 

My passion for social work has not faded and I continue to enjoy every day at work including celebrating all the achievements made by young people and young adults that we work with.     


Tendai Dooley         


Philip Kane Group Manager

Dean Gordon Team Manager (The Cocoon)


Hi my name is Dean Gordon, Team Manager in the Leaving Care Team and Manager of The Cocoon.  I have been working with young people and young adults for over 30’s years.  This has included settings such as; Residential Care, Fostering, Child Protection and Leaving Care. 

Working with staff and Young Adults at The Cocoon continues to be an honour and special challenge for me.  For as the name suggests; The Cocoon is a place where our young adults can be supported to realise their potential and emerge like hidden butterflies.  Our aim is that every young adult is able to spread their wings and transcend the limitations imposed upon them.

Kemi Akosile Team Manager